Oils and Lubricants: What are they, Why are they necessary, and How do I choose?

Heavy machinery users in agricultural, automotive, industrial, or commercial sectors often rely on lubricant oils and greases for secure and effective operation. This guide provides advice on where to apply agricultural lubricants and their benefits for agricultural businesses, offering experienced insights into their application and advantages.

What are they?

Machine lubricants, such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, industrial lubricants, and gear oil, are essential for maintaining the efficiency of agricultural equipment like trucks, tractors, and combine harvesters. They are created using vegetable, synthetic, or mineral-based oils, and their use is crucial for profitability and productivity.

Why are they necessary?

Machine lubricants reduce friction between moving parts, preventing them from slamming and causing wear and tear. This helps prevent the parts from breaking or slowing down. Lubricants absorb shock, reduce noise, and prevent corrosion, while also reducing friction between moving parts (as friction cannot be eliminated if parts are in contact). This results in less heat production, reducing overall wear and tear. Some lubricants also contain rust-reducing ingredients.

Engine Oil

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There are three main types of engine oil: Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic.

Synthetic oils are ideal for farm vehicles and are graded based on viscosity levels and performance in different temperatures. Thin oils flow easily at low temperatures, reducing friction and allowing the engine to start quickly. The oil grade’s alphanumeric code indicates its performance in different temperatures.

When choosing an engine oil, factors like season, use patterns, climate, change intervals, and engine type should be considered. Tractor lubricants, such as STOU, have a unique combination of base oil and adhesives to better handle the rigorous activities of a tractor. STOU lubricates the engine, gearbox, wet brakes, and hydraulics.

The owner’s manual is the best resource for finding the correct engine oil, with grades like 15W-40 or 20W-40 recommended for tractors.

High-performing engine oil is crucial for agricultural gear’s continuous functioning, preventing damage and engine failure. It guards against wear, friction, corrosion, and deposit buildup, enduring severe conditions and elements.

Gear/ Transmission oil

Credit: Animagraffs by Jacob O’Neal This is the website https://animagraffs.com. 

Gear oil, also known as transmission oil, is crucial for motor vehicle operation, extending gearbox life, enhancing transfer cases and differentials’ lifespan, and ensuring smooth gearbox operation. Transmission oil is essential for various machinery types, including power-shift and automatic transmissions, brake boosters, torque converters, fluid clutches, suspension forks, hydrostatic drives, and hydraulic systems. It is crucial to select the correct oil for the equipment, whether it’s used in bogie lifts or automatic gearboxes. Transmission oils may be engineered with multipurpose additives to manage work pressures or environmental conditions or have a specially developed viscosity to suit specific gear designs. Poor choice can lead to premature wear out of parts, highlighting the importance of selecting the right transmission oil for the equipment.


Regular grease maintenance is essential for heavy machinery, extending its lifespan, preventing contamination, and preventing joint sticking, while also protecting against rust and corrosion.

Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic oil is a crucial component in equipment and machinery, primarily used for power transfer, energy transmission, contamination control, heat transfer, and lubrication. It is agricultural oil with high-performance characteristics, comparable to conventional lubricants. It offers wear resistance, filterability, deductibility, rust and corrosion inhibition, foaming resistance, and thermal oxidation air release, serving as both a lubricant and power transmission device. Hydraulic oils are crucial in various machinery, including skid steers, forklift trucks, tractors, and car lifts.

Finding the right lubricant is essential to maintain optimal operation because machines will continue to malfunction and break down without the necessary oil or grease.

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