The different parts that go in to your tractor/engine

Engine parts

The engine is the most important part of your tractor. It provides the power you need to get the job done. The engine needs to be well cared for, and serviced regularly to maintain your tractor’s optimal performance.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your engine: Pistons; Rings; Sleeves; Gasket Sets; Conrods along with their respective bolts, nuts, and bearings; Oil pumps; Water pumps; etc.

Cooling system

For maximum performance, a tractor engine must run properly. Because of this, the engine cooling system is crucial. The cooling system is first designed to eliminate the engine’s extra heat.  Second, it will keep the engine’s operating temperature constant. Third, the cooling system will swiftly raise the engine to the proper operating temperature.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts: Radiator, Thermostat, Water pump, etc.

Front axle

The tractor’s front axle supports the tractor’s structural weight, absorbs stress and torque, transfers power to the wheels, and facilitates steering. The driveshaft powers the front axle, which connects the two front wheels.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your front axle: Spindle, Front Wheel Hub, Thrust Bearings, Front Axle Support, etc.

steering system

To control the tractor’s motion in a particular direction, the steering system is necessary. This is accomplished via a number of linkages that translate the steering wheel’s rotation into a change in the angle of the steering wheel’s axis.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your steering system: Steering Box, Steering Shaft, Tie Rods, Steering Wheel, etc.

hydraulic system

Oil is pressured by a pump and sent to a valve, which then distributes the pressurized oil as needed. Every part is designed to withstand the force needed to raise a loaded bucket, bale fork, or other tools. Keep in mind that the hydraulic system must also lift the bale fork or the loader bucket in addition to the load of dirt or the bale. The hydraulic system on even a small tractor is put under a lot of strain, therefore it’s crucial to have the right system for the job.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your hydraulic system: Lift Pump, Valve Chamber Body, Hydraulic Tandem Pump, Valves, etc.

three point linkage

The standard way for securing tools to tractors is three point linkage. A hydraulic system that enables raising, lowering, and tilting controls their three movable arms, which are positioned in an “A” shape or triangle. Three point linkage systems are designed to transfer the weight of an implement, such as a plough, to the tractor in order to give it more traction. To allow the attachment to function at the proper level, the top link, or upper-center arm, can be expanded.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your Three Point Linkage: Hydraulic Lift Cover, Stabilizer Chain, Leveling Box, Top Link, etc.

brake system

An essential tractor component that slows or stops the tractor’s motion is the braking system. Additionally, it serves to keep the tractor from moving while it is idle. Applying differential brakes to the two rear wheels during field activities aids in making sharp turns.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your brake system: Brake Master Cylinder, brake Slave Cylinder, Brake Shoes, Brake Discs, etc.

body parts

It’s lovely to have nice things. So, in order to improve the appearance of our tractors, we replace their body parts. Unless there is nothing left of the body, it is not necessary for the tractor to function, but we still enjoy looking at a well-kept tractor. It has a pleasing aesthetic.

We stock, among others, the following parts to make your tractor look brand new: Grilles, Panels, Medallions, Decal Sets, Emblem Bars, etc.

electrical system

The V-belt that powers the electric power generation system receives power from the crankshaft. It turns engine-derived mechanical energy into electrical energy. Recharging the battery is its primary purpose. When the engine is running, it also provides electric current to the other equipment.

We stock, among others, the following necessary parts for your electrical system: Gauges, Switches, Lights, etc.

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